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Miriam Cunha

TransVibrating™ Towards Higher Frequencies

Meet Miriam Cunha (a.k.a Itzá Rainbow)

Miriam Cunha (a.k.a. Itzá Rainbow - her spiritual name) has dedicated all her life to different philosophical, theological, esoteric and spiritual studies, and practices. She is the founder of TransVibrating™, a bridge of light, colours and sounds that she teaches at her courses, workshops, readings, and events to help people reach higher states of spiritual consciousness.

Her personal journey through different teachings and experiences has awakened her inner shaman, and has led her to become a facilitator of different healing arts and TransVibrating™ experiences. Her knowledge and skills include Sacred Geometry and Symbolism, Metaphysics and Occultism, Divination tools and Mediumship, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Meditation Technics, Power of Colours and Sounds, Alchemy of Dance, Reiki Mastering, and the Mayan Tzolkin Sacred Calendar.

She has spent several years studying the Mayan culture and the Mayan Tzolkin calendar in Guatemala, her place of birth, and also studied in depth several esoteric traditions and experienced different paths of self-knowledge in Brazil, the country where she grew up. In Canada, she has a couple of published books, and one of them – Stories from Inside the Mirror – can be found online at She is presently working on her third book, which will reflect her metaphysical and esoteric knowledge and channeled information.

Besides her metaphysics and spiritual studies and practices, Miriam has also speaks 5 different languages, has studied Economics, Graphic Arts, Ethnic Dances, and Music Theory with her father, a famous professional musician from Brazil. She is currently dedicating herself to finishing her studies in computer science at the Okanagan College, and to developing a new project that will connect both areas of Science and Metaphysics.

Her most recent projects include the music Band of Colours created with the objective to spread colors, music and happiness on stage performances, Blue Magic, an impromptu live channeled music presentation with crystal bowls, didgeridoo, flutes, percussion, drumming, sacred chanting, and other world instruments and frequencies, and Yonisha Rhythms, through which she organizes art and music shows, events, and workshops to facilitate power transformational experiences of body, mind and soul.