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Miriam Cunha

TransVibrating™ Towards Higher Frequencies


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TransVibrating Exercise

This amazing animation GIF can take you into an incredible inner journey! Just look at it as if you were trying to look at a stereogram, try it!

Spectrum of Light Bits

The Big Chance is Here!

We have now a very big chance of spiritually evolving if we take the opportunity! Time to detach from old values and identifications with the duality system that keeps both sides of our brain separated and fighting internally, and open our 3rd eye, from where we see a bigger picture and understand that both of our sides were right, they just needed to connect to each other and work together. Colour coded speaking, blue and red make for purple/magenta, which is the light we see with our 3rd eye. Have fun and buon voyage! ~~ Itzá Rainbow ~~